Remote Raiders

A party game where your phone is the controller! The game is out on itch.To try it, you'll need 3+ people to each download the remote app on Android or iOs (instructions in the app). Since making this game, I've been working on similar multiplayer phone titles using web technologies instead of Unity to get over this high barrier to entry.


A mobile game where "Threes" shamelessly meets the Match Three genre. Get it for Android! With Don Xu, I cofounded Fox and the Little Prince to release it. After release, we received funding from the Baiada Institute to develop the game into a freemium title. However, we learned we drastically underestimated the scope and advertising budget required to make such a change. Also, I got a West Coast job at Google, and we put the project on hiatus.

Fox and Moles

A networked game for 2-4 players. Learning networking in Unity was not actually that bad, and I hope to use it in more future projects. The gameplay/concept isn't bad either, or at least making a hidden decision at the same time as someone else is fun. I made this during Experimental Games, a class where we essentially made a game every two weeks.

Space Duo

Two players control one clunky space ship dodging asteroids. I spent a good amount of time making design changes on this one - changing who fires what, adding lots of juicy sound effects and responses - and the game turned out all right. With more time and testing it might have grown into the zany shoot em-up I hoped it would be. I made this during Experimental Games, a class where we essentially made a game every two weeks.

Shelter from the Storm

My first game made in HTML5. I made this primarily to learn Javascript and HTML5 conventions, so the gameplay is not very good. Trees shelter you from the winter storm and can be lit on fire to recover your health. Click on the ground anywhere to grow a new tree, and click on a tree to light it on fire. Manage your resources and don't let your health drop to zero. The idea was to convey an environmental message in a slowly dying tower defense game, but pretty snow effects and fun javascripting got the better of me.

Play it!

Mark of Mephisto

Mark of Mephisto is a first person grappling hook game with elements of Mirror's Edge and Spider Man 2. Play as a betrayed princess trying to save her counry, and her soul, by escaping from hell! I'm the programming lead in a group of 3 programmers, 2 level designers, 2 artists, and 1 producer. Communicating with the rest of the team and managing the programmer's efforts is a challenge in such a large team. We manage using TortoiseSVN to share files, with weekly team meetings and much more frequent committee meetings and informal facebook chat and impromptu get-togethers. Built in Unity 3D with C# scripting, integrated together with Maya models and Unity levels.

You can play a sample level here!

Germ Wars

Germ Wars

Germ Wars is an arcade style dodge and grab game. Play as an antibody fighting germs by eating those of the same color and dodging the rest. Pills let you change color, or even temporarily become a Super Germ!

Germ Wars started as a class project for Overview of Gaming. As the sole programmer, I made the game using Gamemaker in three weeks. You can play an older version on Gamemaker's Steam Workshop page, and view my struggles as I continued working on the game, exporting it to Android, at Germ Wars Blog

Particle Paradox

Another student project, I worked on Particle Paradox in a team of three over ten weeks. We started from scratch, learning C# and XNA as we went along. I developed a systems like physics, parallax scrolling, cool particle effects, and generally did most of the coding.

Here's a link to the blog we kept during production of the game: Particle Paradox Blog